The Studio

My studio is on the lower level of our house, the garden level, not quite basement, not quite above ground.  I have two lovely windows, which provide amazing light, especially during our Alaskan summers with 24 hours of light.  My space is filled with second-hand furniture and storage solutions.  I love vintage stuff.

This space started life as the third bedroom.  The studio transformation started when I got rid of mirrored closet doors.  Shelves were then added to convert the closet into a beautiful built-in storage space.  I added some great drawer space by making over a couple of dressers that started life as military furniture.  I'm guessing they were surplused at some point in their lives.  We purchased them somewhere in the vicinity of third, fourth, or maybe fifth hand.  They were black, ugly, and pretty banged up.   Turned into quite the project, as they needed some serious repair as well as sanding and painting.  The end result created some lovely hidden storage for my creative space.  

Most of my stamps are in sleeves and sorted into bins on a shelf, but there are still a few wood-mounted ones that adorn a shelf.  I've spent a lot of time unmounting my wood stamps.  I'm not quite finished, but I'm getting there.  Wood mounted stamps are lovely, that is until you move multiple times.  After move number two I started having second thoughts about their weight and the amount of space they take up.  I'll be honest, I use them more now that they are unmounted than I did when they were on their woodblocks.  

My shelves are filled with art supplies and binders of ideas, including six boxes of photographs, wishing they were in the empty scrapbooks sitting on one of the shelves.  Some day...

There are a couple of clothesline style displays in my studio, created from trim board, framing hardware, and some clips. These are screwed right to the wall, no fancy hanging hardware to fight with. I use one for a card display where I hang every handmade card I receive.  The other is a work in progress spot where I hang my hex chart for Copics, invoices for custom orders, my color wheel, and like.  

I have a heavy, vintage beast of a desk for my computer.  That was quite a challenge getting it down into my studio, but it was worth it and I LOVE IT!  My art desk is an old door conversion.  We added some amazing hairpin legs to make it counter height, and did I mention it's nearly 7-foot long?  

There are a number of rolling carts with art and card-making supplies stashed in them.  I have an island of sorts, built using two beautiful microwave carts, that house my die cutting machines and my scan and cut.  I'm also big into storage solutions that take things vertical and onto the wall.  I opted for metal pegboards with baskets and hangers for storage of paint, ink pads, and my metal cutting dies.