16 August 2016

An Update From The Studio Desk

Wow! It's been a month since I put up a post. My how time flies. I'll spare the long explanation, but we had company for a month and then it was a game of getting caught up on things around the house. Our beautiful Alaskan Summer really flew by this year. While we had house guests, I took time away from the studio. Now that things are caught up and school is gearing back up, I'm back to creating more regularly. There is hope that I'll be posting here more as well. So let's take a little look at what's been going on lately.

Inked Inspirations:  An Update From The Studio Desk

This stunning card set was made for a friend whose response to me wanting to send her a care package was - Could you please send me some of your fantastic cards, I have a lot of thank you's to send out. Of course, I can do that, and I'd love to. I created these sets with an embossing resist technique and distress inks. Die cuts were added to create the messages. They look like I spent days making them, but they are so easy and therapeutic for me to create. This is probably my favorite technique.

More recently I've just been playing with things in my stash. I have a crafty bestie that I swap Happy Mail packages with regularly. We like to keep each other inspired by sending each other goodies. Often it's a card or flip book with die cuts, but sometimes there are some great extras. This last time we swapped scraps so that the receiver can cut goodies and send them back. We try to extend our stash by sharing it. She buys things across the country that I can't easily get or that might not be on my radar to pick up. It's awesome to get goodies in the mail and share the kindness and creativity with each other. All that said, this second card set was created with some of the die cuts she sent me.

Inked Inspirations:  An Update From The Studio Desk

I'm currently working on a set of thank you notes. They'll be sent off to the east coast when they're finished. After that project, I'll be back on the Birthday Card making campaign. I've been sending handmade Birthday cards to Friends and Family each month. It's been a lot of work to stay on top of that. I'll admit that making Birthday cards aren't my fave to make, but I think they're all loved on the receiving end.

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