06 February 2017

Building Inked Inspirations

We all have dreams.  We all set goals.  All good things, but without actions, it's all talk.  Right?  Well, I'm done talking.  I'm moving to actions.  Slow and steady builds the dream into reality.  One step at a time, one little piece at a time.  It's about the passion and the desire to create.  It's about sharing the passion.

Inked Inspirations:  Building Inked Inspiartions

Creating has always been a part of my life.  In the last 10 years, I've walked a few different avenues with a desire to build the vision in my head.  I'll be honest, I chose the wrong medium, which resulted in complete burnout.

This year I chose a phrase for the year - Inward Acceptance.  Part of that acceptance is embracing my artistic ability and sharing it.  Part of it is also building my vision and working with the right medium - paper.

My hope is to inspire other creatives.  To inspire more people to share kindness.  To inspire more people to send happy mail to those they love and think about.

Inked Inspirations:  Building Inked Inspiartions

What will you find on Inked Inspirations?  I'll share what I make, where I create, ideas I find inspiring, and shop updates with my handmade art and cards.

Quitely building Inked Inspirations, one step at a time to create the beautiful vision in my head.

Join me on this journey.  Find inspiration, grab some art and walk with me as I create.  Ask me questions, leave comments.

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