20 March 2017

Challenge Yourself

Do you ever feel like you're surrounded?  Surrounded by a creative space filled with the encouragement to continually purchase the latest product release.  It's hard not to feel that way.  There seems to be an ever-evolving new release every time we turn around.  With the latest release comes the burning desire to purchase.  When the purchase arrives in our mailbox we get that great endorphin rush of joy that goes with new products.  Do you also find that that endorphin rush disappears a little quicker, with the more we purchase?

These are the challenges I'm currently facing.  I want to purchase something from nearly every product release.  I get that rush when the package arrives and that rush doesn't last like it used to.  We won't even talk about the fact that my budget is screaming "No! Don't buy anything else!"

So how do we keep creating without giving into the pressure to purchase with every new product release?  One word - CHALLENGE!  Start challenging yourself and your creative buddies to use what you already have.

My Bestie and I have started a Besties Weekly Challenge Board on Pinterest.  We just started this board last Wednesday and new pins will be added weekly.  I will be posting my completed challenge on Instagram and the Inked Inspirations Facebook Page.

Right now there's only one pin, since we just started, but the board will build as the weeks go on.  Feel free to join us and challenge yourself to try these ideas.  You'll find the details of what the challenge is from the inspiration pin that posted.  Follow the board to follow along.

Inspire yourself to use the pins you've been saving!  Get out of your comfort zone and stretch your supplies.  Build on the idea, don't copy it.  Use your supplies to create your own version of the pin that inspired you.

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