02 February 2018

Life of a Card Maker - Week 5

This week was a little more productive.  I set a goal for myself to bust through some of the stashed goods in my studio.  I have a lot of die cuts and pattern paper already cut and they aren't doing me any good hanging out in baskets and drawers.

I made a few Valentines for friends and family.  I can say I spend a lot of time waiting for glue to dry.  This little guy was left to dry when I headed off to work the other day.

Along with my goal to bust the die cuts and pattern paper, I'm clearing out the scraps from past projects.  I did some cutting and organizing while watching some Kelly Latevola videos.  I just love her.

I also got a little crazy with some scraps and did some paper piecing to create some custom pattern papers.  If you want to see what I made check out the post Casing Pinterest - Scrappy Stripes.

I'm ending the week on a high note with 27 cards for a donation basket at our local library.  These cards will be used by other community members to continue the Love for Lindsay project by sending encouragement to one of our own going through rehab for a spinal injury in the lower 48. 

That wraps up this week's edition of Life of a Card Maker.  I'd love to know your thoughts on this series.  Do you enjoy reading these posts? Are there things from behind the scenes you'd like to see more of? Do you wish I'd just show you more card projects and drop this all together?  Leave me a comment below.  Have a great weekend!

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