16 July 2018

Have You Considered Handmade Christmas Cards?

Hello Lovely!  Is there anything better to send than a handmade Christmas card?  I mean really?  Mass produced cards from the local box store are so impersonal and generic.  Thousands of people can purchase and send these cards. Wouldn't you rather send handmade?

Handmade cards are unique, one of a kind gifts that loved ones will most likely display until the holidays are over, maybe even cherish for years to come.  I really encourage you to think about sharing the gift of handmade this holiday season, even if it's Just a Card.  There are so many Makers/Designer/Artisans out there putting their heart and soul into their wears, show them it's worth it, even if you just buy one card.

If you follow along here on Inked Inspirations, on Instagram or on Facebook you know that I've been making Christmas cards the whole month of July.   I hope you've found inspiration in the card ideas I've been sharing, and if you're not a card maker you can hop over to my shop and find cards for the holidays as well as many other handmade cards.  I offer Free Shipping on all orders.  There are currently 11 sets available and more to come.

Thanks for swinging by today.  I'll be back with more card ideas tomorrow.  Have a great Monday!

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