08 August 2018

Joining the Copic Markers Following

Hello Lovely.  Today we're going to talk about Copic Markers.  I'm finally going to take the plunge and join the Copic Marker following. I've resited for a long time, and honestly, it's the price that has held me back.  I've been watching card makers use the markers for a few years now and I've had a hard time convincing myself they were really worth the investment.

Over the past few weeks, I've been upgrading my supplies to products I love and enjoy using rather than whatever the cheapest option is.  Let me preface this by saying not everything that is cheap is garbage and not everything you pay a high price is worth it.  This is all personal preference, crafting style, and frequency of use.  I know I invest in things that other card makers may not and vice versa.

With that said, I've been on the hunt for new markers.  I wanted something of higher quality and something that would play well with my Distress Inks.  I also wasn't to keen on buying a set.  This idea kept bringing me back to Copics, but the price really kept holding me back.

Fast forward to yesterday morning.  I decided to start really looking at Copics and see if they would be worth the investment.  I watched this video Praire Paper & Ink.  In this video, Amy talks about the difference between the styles of Copics.  I learned quite a bit.

While watching Amy's video I learned:
  • There are three styles - Original, Sketch and Ciao.  
  • The colors are universal between the three styles
  • All three styles use the same formula of ink and the same refills.
  • All of them will blend together because they use the same ink. 
  • Sketch is the most popular and Ciao is the least expensive. 
  • Original comes in 214 colors. 
  • Sketch comes in the most colors at 358.
  • Ciao comes in 180 colors.
I read several other things about the quality of the Copic Markers and I've found that they actually do fit into the category of investment. They are refillable and replacement nibs are available.  I can also buy the colors I will use and skip the ones I won't, which isn't an option with many other markers.  Most markers are sold in sets, as a one size fits all and I always end up with colors I never use.

I also know that Copics will play nice with Distress Inks, as I watch a lot of card makers uses them together.  Kelly Latevola uses them together in nearly every card she creates with beautiful results.

It seems that Copics are what will fit the bill of needs I have.  Now I'm off to make my first small purchase to see if I will love them as much as everyone else does.

Thanks for swinging by today.  I'd love to know your go-to Copic color combo, leave it in the comments below.

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