19 September 2018

Over the Rainbow Bridge

Hi Lovely.  It's been a weird week.  We're getting used to our new normal.  If you don't follow me on social media you might have missed our sad news.  On Sunday night our sweet little mini Aussie crossed over the rainbow bridge.

Matilda Magoo (2008 - 2018)

I debated writing and sharing this because if you do follow me on social media you have already seen the messages about her passing, but when I talked with hubby last night he reminded that it's okay. 

We enjoyed 10 wonderful years with this little stinker.  She was a snoring, teat eating, belly rub loving, snuggle buddy.  Her last few hours were hard on all of us.  She left behind her loving parents, a doggie sister Hedy and two kitty sisters Ashes and Lemon.

I'm really struggling because she chose to die under my desk in my studio.  She went there because it was one of her safe spots to hide from the things she thought were scary. 

My heart aches, there is a hole that nothing but memories and love can fill.  I'm focused on one day at a time and right now there are a lot of tears falling in our house.  This isn't our first fur baby loss, it's our third in 11 years of marriage.  We each brought pets into our marriage, since that union we've lost our big Rottie Coop and our sweet black cat Cinders.  Losing Matilda might be a little harder because she was our first baby together. 

When we got Matilda she was a tiny 10-week old puppy who was instantly bonded to Coop.  We joked that we were the only people we knew who had ever gotten a dog for their dog.  She went everywhere he did and now we are comforted knowing that they are together again. 

Grief is hard, but we wouldn't change all the unconditional love that was shared with this baby, or any of them for that matter.  They bring us such joy and so much laughter, it really out weights the pain in the long run.

Thanks for swinging by today.   I will be back with cards soon, just need a little time to adjust.  

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