05 March 2019

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There are so many, but lately, there have been a flood of thoughts for this creative space, as well as many others.  

I have so many ideas, but when I push them in the direction of creating a business with them I end up where I am right now.  This is the point Hubby refers to as the burnout point.  I'll be honest, this time it feels a little different from burnout.  This time it feels more like an exploration, a journey if you will.

It's about art, not about just one style or type of kind of art.  It's all art, the cards, the sketchbook, and even the photography.  It's all art.  The only differences are the mediums used to create the art.  

The Cards:

I haven't been making much the last month or so, partially because I've been journaling and sketching while I explore some ideas.  I will continue to create cards, but there are some new ideas and styles coming.

I wrote a post over at The Porch Postscript a couple of weeks ago - Seeking Something That is Authenticly Mine, where I talk about making more of my own art.  Cards are the perfect size for me to create with, but I need to move past limiting myself to what is offered in the world of stamping/cardmaking supplies. 

I need to put my own creative heart and soul into what I'm making and creating.  I have to push myself into unfamiliar territory in order to grow my artistic style and find that thing that is authenticly mine.

The Newsletter:

Not dead, just on hold.  I want to write more and develop a better newsletter for the readers.  Right now it's just like every other email newsletter out there.  It's little blurbs of mostly meaningless stuff that many are probably mindlessly scrolling through and then deleting from their inbox.  This too will evolve, have patients.

This Space:

I hate the word blog, so we're not gonna call it a blog anymore.  Here forward this will be the Artist Journal.  Classy right?  Well okay, classy or cheesy, this is what I'm going with.  I'm also not going to force myself to write entries here on any kind of schedule.  Sorry, but when I do that it loses the authenticity I'm so eagerly seeking.  

The Next Part of my Journey:

Art, all kinds of art.  Creating pieces that make me happy and building my own style.  Growing my creativity and combining things that I have always thought aren't supposed to be together - Cards, Art, Photography, and Writing.  Don't judge.  I've always felt like I wasn't supposed to create things using all of these elements.  Crazy?  YES!!!  Absolutely nuts, and it only took me 41 years to figure this out.  I hope you'll stick around as I make this artistic shift.  

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