30 July 2019

Card Showers

What is a Card Shower?  Exactly what it sounds like, it's a shower of cards that arrive at the doorstep of the celebrated person for any occasion.

Card Showers can be thrown for any reason.  Someone having a baby across the country?  Organize a card shower.  The bride-to-be has friends and family all over the country?  Organize a card shower.  Grandma turning 90?  Organize a card shower.  You get the idea.  

Receiving cards in the mail is always puts a bright spot in someone's day, but getting showered with them can be even better.  I hosted one a few years ago for my mom and it brought her a bundle of joy and smiles.  I've also sent cards to some of the showers that I've seen in the news or on social media.  I especially try to send a card when a veteran has requested cards for a birthday.

Tips for a Successful Card Shower:

  1. Once you've selected a recipient, you'll need to decide on a date for the cards to arrive by.  There is no exact science to this, a few cards will be early and some might be a little late, but the goal is to have a target date for cards to arrive by.
  2. Make a list of participants.  Who are you inviting to send a card?  Do you have contact info for all of the participants?  
  3. Decide how you will let the participants know all the shower details.  Will you send a postcard, an email, a text or post it on social media?
  4. If you plan to make this a community or public event, consider posting it on social media. 
  5. Communicate with the participants letting them know the expectations of the card shower.  Is the gift the card? Or does the participant need to include a gift card for something like a baby shower or a bridal shower?
  6. If the card shower is being done as a surprise to the recipient make that clear to those participating as well.
Card Showers really can be done for anything.  Do you know someone going through a rough patch?  Maybe you know a parent that is struggling?  Have they just purchased their first home? Has someone in your life been a volunteer in your community that needs a little extra recognition?  Is there an amazing person retiring out of a public position that will be dearly missed?  Or someone who's completed a big milestone? Gotten a degree after years of hard work?  Celebrating 50 years of marriage?  Celebrating being clean and sober?  The list really is endless.  

Of course, I'm going to encourage you to send a handmade card, but it really doesn't matter where the card comes from.  Send the happy mail and make someone's day by organizing a card shower for them.  

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