05 September 2019

Exploring Mixed Media

I'm in a bit of a card making drought.  No lie, haven't made a card in weeks.  Burned out, over inspired, over-stimulated, lack of inspiration, creative block.  Whatever your phase of preference is I have it. 

In an effort to break the block or brick wall I've started playing with mixed media again.  I've dabbled in this a few times.  I enjoy it, but it kind of intimidates me.  I'm flipping that view on its head and letting it challenge me rather than intimidate me. 

Since we had a long weekend, I took one day and did a little bit of experimenting and playing with mixed media.  I also got crazy and ordered some supplies. 

Here's the art journal page I created.  I've been building pages in this watercolor notebook for quite a while.  The paper wasn't very good for watercoloring, as it was pretty low quality.  I opted to turn it into an art journal, and I dig it out once in a while to play.  I usually gesso the pages to create a better base for creating.

This page was created with acrylic paint from Dina Wakely and Art C with a few splatters of white Higgins Ink.  I squeezed a bit of each color on the page then used the palette knife to spread it.  Once the paint was dry I added the ink splatters. 

I added some die cuts and a bit of book paper to create a winter scene.  The deer and the tree were both cut from white cardstock and then colored with Copic markers.  I tore an old dictionary page to create the ground and added a lite coat of gesso to it.  Once the gesso was dry I added some Tonic Aqua Shimmer Pen to create a kind of sparkly snow look. 

After all the pieces were attached, I came back in the with Higgins ink and did a few more splatters to unify the piece. 

In the end, I think it turned out pretty cool and it almost has a bit of an aurora look to the background. 

I need to remember that this notebook gives me a good place to work through some creative blocks and droughts when I get stuck.  I still love card making, but I need to have a break and play with some other mediums to get inspired again. 

I'm being pulled to try new things and expand my art in some new directions.  I really love the look of mixed media and I'm excited to start a new journey with an art journal and a place to be free to play and learn new techniques.

I created a second piece this weekend, but I'll share that later. 

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