24 February 2020

Adventures in Watercoloring

I started my watercoloring adventure with school grade pan paints. I have a vintage set from Artisan and a set of Prang, both of which have been great starter paints.  I will continue to use these sets, as I absolutely love the colors and the pigment of them.

I’ve created a few projects using my Distress inks as watercolors, as they are a water-reactive medium and they blend beautifully.

I also have a lovely set of Derwent Inktense pencils, and while they aren’t considered “watercolors” they're a water-reactive medium that I’ve used for watercolor projects as well.

Recently I purchased three small bottles of liquid watercolor from Let’s Makes Art. While I haven’t plaid with them much yet I feel like they come with a bit of a learning curve for adjusting color intensity.  I will continue to explore this medium, but so far it's my least favorite option.

Then, over the weekend I added to my watercolor collection by purchasing some Windsor & Newton Cotman watercolors in tubes. It’s been years since I had tube watercolors, my last set was cheap and dried out in the tubes I before I really got into watercoloring.   

I'll be exploring more mediums as I continue to write and create, but I really do love watercolors, as it's so forgiving.  I'm excited to play with the new palette I've created...stay tuned for more about my watercolor journey.

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