04 February 2020

Be a Resource

I saw this yesterday in a Facebook group I'm part of and it resonated with my current creative state of mind.  I've debated sharing the creative shift that is happening.  I can't keep plodding forward and sticking to my current path.  When I read this quote it compelled me to stop and focus, to really think about how my creativity is growing and changing.

The hard thing about trying to build a side hustle is finding the fine line between sales pitch and resource.  By the way, I hate the term side hustle, but anyway.

I make a lot of things, and I get told I have a lot of talent and that my things are lovely.  Being a resource is a hard thing for me.  I mostly passionately curious about everything and have not really honed my craft into any kind of expertise in any one area.  I know a bit about everything, but I've never been disciplined enough to become an expert.

While I'm a passionate card maker and I will continue to make cards, I'm going to be exploring other art mediums and creating things beyond the cards.  In doing so, I'm going to try becoming a better resource by writing more blog posts.

Yesterday, I shared about the Art Journal subscription I've started getting.  There will be more mixed media and art journaling in the future for sure.  I want to share more details about some of the other projects I've posted on Facebook and Instagram.  I'm not a how-to writer, but I would like to share more about what I'm learning as I try things.

Be a resource, not a sales pitch.

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