07 February 2020

Practicing the Art of Sketching

Sketching is something that comes and goes in my creative life.  This year I'm trying to sketch more often.  I'd love to say daily, but I haven't quite gotten to that point yet.  I bought this small sketchbook on our trip down the west coast over Christmas break.  It's a much smaller sketchbook than I have used in the past, but I really like the size.

I started sketching in the little book while on vacation, but only completed one sketch while traveling.  It's a rough sketch from a photo I took of the Redwoods we saw in our travels.

Sketch two is of wheat or wild grass, whichever you see.  I often draw this kind of thing and have several versions in other sketchbooks.  Sketch three is a bit of a rendition of the winter that is laying its hand on our yard this time of year.

Sketch four was created using a reference photo from Instagram.  I have no idea what the flower is, but it was a fun sketch.  Sketch five is my coffee cup that I use every morning.  I've got no still life skills and am much better sketching nature, but I did it anyway.

Sketch six was practicing leaves.  Nothing fancy, but good practice.  Sketch seven is a  weird floral bouquet but again was just about sketching and practice.  We never get better if don't practice.

I want to continue to fill this sketchbook as the year progresses and then look back through it at the end of the year and be able to see my progress and improved skills.

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