15 January 2021

From the Studio Table Volume 1.2

It has been a week, not all bad, but a week none the less.  Right now I'm writing on the fly when I post to the blog.  Hoping to get into a new routine, but that will take some time.  This is our second week of From the Studio Table, let's take a look at what happened on the table this week.

I started experimenting with sewing fabric on cards this week.  Was easier than I had made it out to be.  I did a bit of die-cutting with my fabric scraps and then sewed them in place on a few cards.  I'll be playing with this more in the future.  

My newest order of stickers came in.  These are created from my original artwork and are currently only available at Smiling Moose Gifts & Office Supply here in Delta Junction.  If you'd like to see them added to the online shop let me know in the comments below.

I got a couple of orders in the mail this week.  Some new stamps from Scrapbook.com and some Tim Holtz stamps and dies from Stampers Anonymous.  

I made a few clean and simple cards, nothing fancy.  I honestly don't love them, but like many things, someone else will find them to be perfect.  

Yesterday I started work on some samples for a custom thank you card order.  I was working on coloring the otter before I started the samples with the moose.  That little otter will end up on a card eventually, but he'll have to wait for a bit while I work on the moose cards.

I also started a knitting project for the first time in ages.  While not exactly from the studio table, it's a project I'm kind of excited about.  It'll be a shawl when completed.  Very simple project and easy to work on while I watch videos on bookmaking, something I'm exploring for future projects.

How was your week?  What did you create?  Share your blog links below so I can check out your makes.

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