04 January 2021

It's Okay to Be Done

Happy New Year!  Welcome to the first post of 2021.  I was going to just swing right into posts about projects, but the last week I've seen a bit of a trend that I couldn't help but talk about.  Are you wondering what I'm talking about?  Let's dive into the discussion.

Three weeks ago my bestie sent me a link to this video from Justine Hovey.  This sparked a discussion between us about how tired we are of the constant message of buy, buy, buy that comes from following "brand ambassadors" and "design team members" in the creative world.  How rare it is to find a maker, or designer that encourages you to continue to use products you've already invested in.  That video and discussion lead to the post I created last week, Thoughts on Creativity in 2021.  

After our discussion and my writing that post, I stumbled into this video from Ingrid Blackburn.  Ingrid talked about her goals for creating 20 minutes a day for the next 365 days.  Her message of focusing on doing, rather than on all the inner critics in our head was heartfelt.  Showing up and making, creating to create, to build our skills.  

In case the message wasn't clear yet, I also watched this video from Maremi.  I love Maremi's videos I love her encouragement to create as she chats with you through the making of a project.  The phrases from this video that struck a chord were "you have to use your supplies, you have to enjoy them" and "you bought it to use it, so use and enjoy it".  They seemed to carry on with the theme.  

I've seen a few other makers posting about burnout and exhaustion.  Some makers are taking some time off from social.  It's amazing how much pressure can be put into our creative lives through outside influence.  How the highlight real from someone else's life can make us doubt our own creativity.  

Much like Justine, I'm done.  If you follow me on Facebook or subscribe to the newsletter you've already seen this, but here it is, once more those in the back.    I'm done.  Done trying to beat an algorithm that is ever-changing.  Done trying to follow "posting rules".  Done caring about numbers that don't matter.  In the new year, I'll be focused on posting as I desire, interacting with those who comment, and sharing more of the studio process.  I'm interested in building connections and community with those who interact with Inked Inspirations.  

I've cleaned out my feeds on Instagram and Facebook.  Removing brand and shops, design team members, and ambassador.  I'm following makers like me, makers that are making with their own ideas and skills, not following the latest trend formula.  My one exception to all of this is Tim Holtz.  I love Tim and the message he puts into the world about creating.  I've watched most of the demos he's done on Facebook throughout the last 10 months and I can't say enough good things about the demos and the man creating them.  He encourages all of us to use what we have.  Use your supplies, your older stamps and dies, your creative mediums.  

It's really is okay to be done.  To be done with comparison, creative comparison, and inner critics.  It's okay to step back, stop spending, and use what you have.  It's okay to be done.

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