22 February 2021

Double Stencil Ink Blending

Before we talk about cards today I have a bit of housekeeping.  First, a couple of cancelation will be happening.  I'm discontinuing the From the Studio Table series.  It does not appear to be a popular feature for your Friday reading enjoyment.  I'll also be discontinuing the Shop Updates postings, while not frequent, also not popular with my readers.  Last, but definitely not least, I'm trying very hard to get back into a consistent posting schedule.  Last week went really well, let's see if we can keep up with it this week.  Now onto the cards...

I watched one of Ardyth's videos a week or so back and snagged a new technique for double stenciling while ink blending.  I have some more experimenting to do with the technique, but I love the results so far.

The long and the short of the technique is that you stencil through your biggest holes first to create your first pattern.  Ardyth suggests tapping the top of the stencil in place to create a hinge.  She used her stamping positioner to line up paper and stencils for perfect placement.  I used the hinged method but used my Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat and a bit of Sticky Grid to hold my paper in place.  

Once I stenciled the larger of my two patterns, I lifted up the hinged stencil and carefully placed the second stencil with smaller holes in place.  Then laid the hinged stencil back over top.  Using the same colors as before I ink blended the second design.  

I love the end results and truthfully as long as you hinge your first stencil in place and keep the paper in place, you should get great results.  As you can see above it even worked beautifully for the sympathy card I created in shades of brown.  One last note about these cards, I used Distress Inks for all of my ink blending.  

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