26 June 2021

Inspiration Found - Environment

We are surrounded by inspiration in our day-to-day lives and in the environment we live in. The graphics used on a restaurant menu, the architecture of a building, the landscaping of a park, and even the tile in a public restroom can all be inspiring for an artist.

I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to things I find inspiring. This board includes everything from tattoos to tiles to fingernail polish. I might be inspired by the colors, the textures, or the patterns.

I think it’s an unconscious part of my being that seeks out the beauty in my surroundings. I see things that others might walk right past.

This pic on the right, of a flower on the sidewalk, is one of those examples.

I snapped this pic while on vacation one year in Hawaii. Gobs of people were walking this section of sidewalk, yet here laid this perfectly fallen flower untrampled. I stopped and snapped a quick shot from a bird’s eye point of view. It's one of my favorite shots from that trip.

There's something magical in taking photos of the things that catch your eye. Yes, you can stage photos like the one above, but for me, the magic would be lost. Staging photos is an overthought process. For me, the magic is in the organic feel of capturing something Mother Nature left in my path for me to discover.

I also find inspiration in the wonders of man-made creations and other artists' work. Let's look at this stunning copper sink in the restroom at Moose-akas in Denali. Environmental inspiration does lie in the most unlikely places.

For starters, how could you not want a pic of a bathroom sink like this? I snapped this pic for the beauty of it, but also for the textures and dark, rich colors of the wood and copper. It's rustic and classy all at the same time.

This pic of environmental inspiration serves as a reminder to me that copper and deep chocolate browns are the perfect color combination, with just a pop of white.

While killing time on a layover in Seattle, I spotted this stained glass, filled with texture and color. I was drawn to the way the colors were used. The deep blue catches your eye but the clear slivers let the light in to brighten the peace. When I stopped to take this pic there were dozens of other travelers that rushed past me, a few who even looked at me in disgust.

My husband is used to my random stops in our travels for these kinds of quick click opportunities. When I snag a photo for inspiration my only care is that it’s in focus. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just enough for me to refer back to later.

Do you find beauty in your everyday life; or are you busy rushing to your next destination? I’m ever observant and my husband is always focused on the task or destination at hand, we balance each other out.

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