18 December 2021

What's Coming in 2022

New Newsletter format, including new articles, links, and of course discount codes. Wanna make sure you get every issue? Subscribe now, the first edition of 2022 will drop on New Year's Day!

I have some fun new card designs coming, including some fancy new folds and different sizes. There might even be a few shaker cards and cards that light up coming in the new year.

If you're a maker peeping the shop for inspiration I have great news! I'm planning to do a weekly posting here in the Artist's Journal, with details and affiliate links for the products used to create a featured card.

The Shop will be getting a little facelift as well. I'll be rephotographing all the cards to create a more uniform look. I'll also be adding additional shots of each card to showcase more of the details.

I'm also working on a schedule for consistent Instagram posting. I played with this a bit in Fall and I'll be returning to it in 2022. I won't lie, this kind of content creation is a life suck and takes a ton of time.

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