03 January 2022

Sending Thank You Notes

If you subscribe to my newsletter then you received the 3 Little Tips for writing Thank You Notes. Not a subscriber? You can subscribe to the newsletter here. I thought I'd take a moment today and delve a little deeper into the importance of writing and sending thank you notes. Especially now that the holidays are over.

Let's be honest, for most of us sending thank you notes is something that has probably fallen by the wayside. It's become an “I’ll get to that later” kind of thing, but very often later never comes. I'm starting my New Year off by sending thank you notes. I also want to encourage you to stop sitting on the most important notes you could be writing.

We've just ended a season of giving and sharing, wouldn't it be amazing if those who gave and shared received a lovely little note to kick their New Year off with a bit of gratitude from their loved ones and friends?

Consider this, you received a thought full gift or a bag of treats during the holiday season, but you never send a thank you note. The holidays are over and you run into that friend or neighbor in the grocery. They ask if you enjoyed the goodies, now you've ended up in possibly an awkward conversation. All of which could have been avoided if you'd only sent the thank you note. It doesn't matter if you did or didn't enjoy the treats, your thanking them for the sentiment. The sentiment is what matters. The same is true for the thank you note. Send the note, avoid any awkward conversations, and start your year off with gratitude. It's about returning the kindness by letting them know you received the gift and appreciated their kindness.

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