18 January 2022

Tools for Letter Writing

Over the years, letter writing and snail mail have become a lost art. Then came the chaos of 2020, and we saw a bit of a resurgence. I enjoy sending cards and handwritten notes and don't do it anywhere near enough. 2022 is the year I'm trying to change that. Are you a sender of handwritten notes, cards, and letters? If you aren't, I'd encourage you to start. They mean so much more to people than the mundane email or text message, read more about the value of sending handmade notes here. Today's post is about a few tools that might make letter writing and card correspondence more enjoyable.

The Lettermate Envelope Addressing Guide will help you get the address straight every time. I love mine when I remember to use it. If your goal this year is to learn hand-lettering, this could be an essential tool. If you're looking for some beautiful hand-lettering examples and great resources, check out The Postman's Knock, she does some amazing lettering and has great tutorials available. Let's Make Art also has some fantastic hand-lettering tutorials and resources.

I'm a gel pen fan, but pens are so personal, I suggest you find a pen you love to write with. This Pilot MRRetro Pop Gel Roller pen has a nice weight and is refillable. I prefer the way a gel pen writes and glides across the paper.

Return Address Labels are key for me. I don't enjoy writing my own address, but who does? I use Avery Return Address Labels and their free site for label design to print my own. They're easy to grab and add to envelopes and packages and I can print more at my own convenience.

If you're looking to step up your envelop game, you might consider a wax seal stamp and sealing wax. I have a seal, and when I remember to use it, it adds interest to the envelope. I have this tree of life seal and Hubby has a Marine Corps emblem.

If you're going to invest in a seal you'll need to invest in some wax. There are dozens of color choices on the market. If you need more info on how to use a wax seal you can check out this short video.

I hope these ideas put more enjoyment into your letter writing and card sending this year.

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