28 February 2022


March is National Craft Month. In the vain of National Craft Month, I want to talk about the ever-elusive "talent".

I wish I had a dime for every talent-related comment tossed my way. "I wasn't born with talent." "You're so talented." "I don't have your talent." and my personal favorite "You create beautiful things, I can't even draw a stick figure." I'd really love to know what drawing a stick figure has to do with being creative, but I digress.

I'm gonna cut right to the bone, I loath the word talent. In the world of creativity and makers, it's made out to be some magical power that you're either born with or you aren't. Those who feel they don't have it generally feel they can't get it. I'm gonna be straight up honest with you, it's not magical or elusive, nor is it a gene we're born with.

Being "talented" has more to do with passionate curiosity, practice, and hard work. It's all in the work you're willing to put in. Do you want talent? Work hard and practice. Take classes, watch tutorials and build your skills. We all start somewhere. You have to first find the desire to create and make before you can build and become "talented."

If you are passionately curious you will grow your creativity. Let your curiosity lead you to your creative path. If you want to be "talented" at something you have to keep doing it. Trying something once and deciding you aren't good at it won't get you to the "talented" phase.

Some of the resources I've used to grow my art practice include the following:
  • YouTube - this is a broad one, and yes you can get lost in the forest of videos out there, but it's free and you can find some really great resources. Here are some of my faves:
    • Let's Make Art - This channel taught me to watercolor, but they offer a lot more than watercolor including mixed media, hand lettering, and acrylic painting.
    • Karen Campbell - Karen is a rockstar when it comes to resources for learning mixed media!!!
    • Very Pink Knits - The tutorials and info for knitting on this channel are easy to follow and cover a wide range of learning levels.
    • Jennifer McGuire Ink - JM, as my bestie and I refer to her is a steller resource for card makers of any skill level.
  • Scrapbook.com Classes - FREE classes on any number of subjects for makers hosted by a number of amazing designers.
  • Online Card Classes - Affordable classes for all skill levels.
  • Let's Make Art - Yes I'm mentioning this one a second time because they have great resources on their site as well, including outlines for many of the projects they share on their Youtube.

I want this list to encourage you to jump-start your journey into creativity or help you grow your skills. In the vain of National Craft Month, I want to encourage you to go out and become passionately curious and grow your creativity. Forget about talent, start with curiosity, persistence, and practice.

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