02 September 2022

Creating Custom Cards - The Peony Project

The idea of creating custom cards can seem truly overwhelming. In all actuality, customizing cards is a fantastic way to stretch your creativity.  You have the opportunity to build a card unique to the recipient. So, whether you create individual cards or mass-produce multiples, don't let customized cards intimidate you.  They are a challenge worth stepping up to.

The project I'm sharing today was created as a custom order of multiples for a fellow small business in our small town.  I lovingly call this The Peony Project.  This was an extensive undertaking when it comes to projects because of all the hand coloring, but the challenge was so good for my creativity.

I started this project with color swatching, stamping various peony images, and creating a set of samples if you will.  Then a meeting with the client to show her the samples and make decisions for the designs to be used.  I created a set of gift subscription cards and a set of thank you cards as part of the first order, creating a total of 70 cards.

I want to touch on the samples for a moment.  I spent a considerable amount of time creating sample designs in various color combinations.  When I created the samples I designed each one on a card front to be used later.  I wanted to have various options for the client that were realistic in size.  In turn, I wanted to leave the door open for myself to use the samples to create other cards for my shop.  

Because I kept great photos and my color swatches, I was able to recreate the same design with the same colors for my client again this year.  I love repeat clients.  Happy client, happy artist.  I thoroughly enjoy this kind of challenge.  

I've created several custom cards over the years.  Some cards were created with the recipient's favorite colors.  I've created cards with special techniques to replicate leather.  I've made masculine Christmas and thank you cards.  I've also gone the extra mile to create custom interior panels for gift certificates and thank you cards for small businesses.  

If you're considering branching out into the realm of custom cards, my best advice is don't fear the custom card.  Step up to the challenge and grow your creativity.  You might learn a few things and grow your skills at the same time.

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