30 September 2022

Getting Back on Track

Life has a way of throwing a few curve balls. I made the decision in early August to get serious about a few things, one of which was daily blog posting.  I made it through a little more than a month before my train started to derail, through no real fault of my own.  I don't share a lot of my personal life, but this is overlapping my creative life and I felt you deserved a bit of explanation.

On the first of September, my wonderful Hubby broke his foot.  Because we live in rural Alaska, there is a lot of driving involved to see all the specialists when working through this kind of injury.  Hubby has been on crutches and in a walking boot for nearly four weeks, leaving the heavy lifting to me.  It's really quite amazing how much we take for granted the simple things like taking a plate to the table or carrying a cup of coffee.  

We are now a bit more settled into a routine now.  I working hard to get back on track with writing after several weeks of needing my energy to focus solely on Hubby's needs.  Next week there will be more posts and new ideas.  In the meantime here's a shot of the studio table from a couple of days ago after a bit of work on the subject of abstract card designs.  

I'm sharing the inspiration for this style of cards in Monday's post and Tuesday will have more examples to inspire you.

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