28 October 2022

Learning to Use Card Sketches

I've drawn my own sketches off and on over the years, very often to get an idea out of my head when I'm not in the studio to create.  I've never sought out card sketches, nor have I actually used them to build my cards, other than my own of course. Then a few weeks ago my Bestie over at By Grace Everett and I were talking about patterned paper and getting more than one or two designs from some of our patterned paper.  Which got my wheels turning.  I was trying to think of where we could get more inspiration to use our patterned paper, then it hit me.  We needed to watch a few of Kristie Marcotte's videos.  

Fast forward to a couple of days ago when I was sipping my morning coffee and seeking inspiration.  I clicked on one of Kristie's older videos where she showed how to use one 6x6 paper pad to make 34 cards.  This is exactly what we needed to jump-start our patterned paper use.  She took one double-sided paper pad and eight card sketches and in turn created 34 cards.  WHAT?  I totally need to try this magic!  And try it I did.

I started my card sketch journey by building myself a sheet of card sketches, in the style of a photographer's proof sheet.  I built a table with three columns and several rows.  Into each cell, I dropped one of the sketches I'd found on Pinterest.  I ended up with a 14-page document, that I'm sure will grow as I find new sketches in my Pinterest travels.  I printed the document and started making cards.

I pulled out my stash of patterned paper scraps, all the bits and bobs I have pre-die cut for card making, along with ephemera and other embellishments I have collected.  I started pairing things together and card magic started happening.  

I kept making cards and kept using up things.  Through this process, I was making cards in quick succession.  Only working with what I had in the scrap basket, I could how this would be a great way to bust through the patterned paper in my stash.  The magic of this method is the art of layering basic shapes with a focal element and a bit of embellishment.  This is also a fantastic way to make multiples of a design.  

I will be continuing to use this method for card making.  These are just a few of the 20 cards I created in one round of card sketch inspiration.  I'd encourage you to print a few sketches and shop your stash.  You'll need some shapes for layering, a few sentiment stamps, and embellishments to start making your make magic.  

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