07 October 2022

Mixing Brands on a Single Card

I choose this as today’s topic because sometimes it can feel like there is a bit of an unintentional message when it comes to creating and brand exclusivity.  Many makers we follow for inspiration are on design teams or create for specific brands.  Their goal is to promote new product releases.  If you’re a content creator for a brand or are on design teams you have to create cards that fit the parameters of those brands.  If your goal is to get recognized and get onto a design team, then Keep creating brand-exclusive cards that showcase your unique style.  That said, let's get into the topic at hand - mixing brands.  

The above card is Picket Fence Studios, Honey Bee Stamps, and Sizzix

Mixing brands on a card is a lot like cooking dinner or mixing a good cocktail.  Consider this post as your permission to mix and match all the brands in your stash.  I've been making cards for over two decades.  When I started making cards stamps were red rubber and they came mounted or unmounted.  Brands did a release a limited number of times a year.  There was no social media or youtube.  I had a local scrapbook store, magazines, and "home party" companies.  No one ever told me I couldn't mix brands.  I've been mixing my brands since the beginning.  

The above card is Art Impressions and Hero Arts

I attended a paper crafting "home party" several years back.  We were to make one project, one scrapbook layout, and one card.  Part of the way through the evening the gal that was sitting to my right blurted out “you aren’t doing this right, you aren’t following the rules,” the room of chatting ladies went silent for a moment.  The "teacher" broke the silence by politely stating "there are no rules."  There was a round of polite chuckles and the creating resumed.  I’ve never forgotten that.  Maybe because I’m a bit of a rebel and maybe because I felt a little sad for her.  

 The above card is Honey Bee Stamps, Sunny Studios, and Simon Says Stamp

When you're a maker there are no rules.  Embrace your own style and build on your own ideas.  There's room for everyone in the maker community.  By mixing and matching all the brands, I'm able to create unique card designs because I’m not restricting myself.  If I want a coffee cup from here and a bold word from there, with a sub sentiment from the back row I can do all of that.  There are no rules. 

The above card is Newton's Nook Designs, Scrapbook.com, Simon Says Stamp, and Papertrey Ink

I hope this post inspires you and encourages you to mix your brands and get out of your own creative way.  Take your inspiration from all the makers you love, build your card with what's in your stash, and stop getting hung up on having the exact thing to make the exact card you saw on social media.  Remember, there are no rules in card making.

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