21 February 2023

Changes Coming in 2023

Hello Inky Admirer,

In my last post, I talked about making changes in the new year. If you're a newsletter subscriber, then you already have the inside scoop. My plan each month is to walk though my thoughts and decisions while sharing them with you. To get the news fist, become a subscriber. Stick around, you might be surprised where this journey takes us. I have new ideas brewing.

The toughest change isn't a decision I made lightly. I mulled this around for months and have finally settled on it.

In August of this year I will be closing the online shop. In an effort to be transparent about this decision, I'm going to wade into the weeds of it a bit. Don’t worry we won’t go to deep. It will just make more sense if I share some extra bits.

The online shop has never taken off like I hoped it would or honestly should for that matter. I have the traffic, but not the sales. Translation, there are a lot of window shoppers. The reality is that I can no longer justify the cost of platform I currently use.

Part two of this decision, if I'm brutally honest, creating listings for a shop that doesn't make money is soul sucking. It’s time to shutter the online shop and explore other ideas.


Local shoppers will still be able to get their handmade card fix at Smiling Moose. New card designs are added frequently and often.

Those of you who aren't local shoppers, know that I value your business and will be exploring alternatives for you. If you are one of my annual holiday card orders I will still be here to fill those requests. When the holidays season begins, please reach out by email and we can discuss options.

Goal setting isn't in my nature, and one of my closest friends would tell you my inner rebel is the cause. She might be right, but we won't tell her that. So what do we call this if it's not a goal? Let's call it an intention.

This year, my intention is to remember why I started and return to the joy of making, sending, and giving more cards.

Why did I start Inked Inspirations? The deeply rooted reason? I wanted someone to receive the happy mail that I'd wished for in my own mailbox. Then I started selling my cards to help pay for my hobby and then I grew that focus with the intention of building a business. In the process of trying to build a business I lost sight of my why. It’s time to return to the joy and the why.

In returning to my why, I plan to focus on rebuilding my habit of sending happy mail, giving away packs of cards and donating cards to great causes. I make hundreds of cards a year, and when I sent my first donation to Cards for Kindness last month I was reminded of how much that fills my heart and feeds my soul. I want to inspire more of you to send more cards and fill more mailboxes with more happy mail.

This going to be an interesting journey and I hope you’re along for the ride. Next month I’ll share more about my thoughts on the changes and new direction I have in mind.

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