09 September 2017

Tools to Make Letter Writing & Card Correspondence Enjoyable

Letter writing and snail mail are becoming a lost art, but I still love sending cards and handwritten notes.  Do you send handwritten notes, cards, and letters?  If you don't, you should.  They mean so much more to people than the mundane email or text message.  

I'll admit I've gotten out of the habit myself as of late, but I'm working my way back into sending "Happy Mail".  Handwritten notes can brighten the toughest of days.  Writing a note and dropping it in the mail, whether it be a card, letter or even post card can also bring you, the writer, joy.  Here are a few tools to make letter writing and card correspondence more enjoyable.

The Lettermate Envelope Addressing Guide will help you get that address straight every time.  I love mine, when I remember to use it.  This is essential if you're into the art of hand-lettering.  If you're looking to learn hand-lettering I would suggest you visit The Postman's Knock, she does some amazing lettering and has great tutorials available.

The Pilot Gel Pen is my favorite pen, but pens are so personal.  I love the weight of the Pilot MR Retro Pop Gel Roller pen.  It writes smooth and feels lovely in the hand.  Find a pen you love and go with it.

Return Address Labels are key for me.  I don't enjoy writing my own address, so I print a sheet of return labels for all my cards and packages and just keep them in my mail writing bin.  They're easy to grab and add to envelopes and packages and I can print more at my own convenience.

Since I mentioned it, let's talk about my mail writing bin.  I have an acrylic bin that I keep everything handy in.  This includes extra envelopes, some cute stickers to decorate my envelopes, handmade envelope seals, my Lettermate, return address labels, some larger Priority Mail labels, and a small roll of packing tape.

While I used handmade paper seals that I glue on, sealing your envelopes can be a lot more interesting with a wax seal stamp and sealing wax.  Hubby loves to use his on out going cards to family and friends.  While I currently don't have a seal in my box it's on my wish list.

If you're going to invest in a seal you'll need to invest in some wax.  There are dozens of color choices on the market.  If you need more info on how to use a wax seal you should check out this short video.

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