23 January 2018

Bestie Card Change Swap

Let me start this post with a little background.  My Bestie and I are card makers from way back and we live over a 1,000 miles apart.  We were talking a week or so back about how we've both taken classes or been part of maker groups over the years and been disappointed by the lack of inspiration we got out of the experience.  We spend a lot of time texting each other photos of projects, why couldn't we do our own thing?  And there it was, the idea of trying a Bestie Card Challenge Swap.

We swapped three envelopes or ziplock bags by mail to challenge the recipient to make three cards.  Each envelope or ziplock contents was to make one card and you had to use all of the elements included.  You could alter the elements in any way by cutting, inking, embossing, etc., but you needed to use all the bits from one envelop or bag on one card.

So what exactly did she send me?

Let's get to the cards, shall we?  First I want to point out that I loved the push to leave my own comfort zone.  She sent me several color combos I wouldn't have selected on my own. 

My favorite of the three is Card #1, I'm just really attracted to the color combo.  The others are equally cute, but the colors of #1 just speak to me.  Which one is your favorite?

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