24 January 2018

Why Cards?

So here's the thing about why I create, it's a stress reliever and a passion.  I get asked about the crazy amount of cards I make.  There's always wonder about how I can get so many cards made during my everyday life.  Here's the thing, it's what I do and there are others like me.  I've always been creative.  Sometimes I knit and I've been known to sew and embroidery, but and I always go back to paper.  Paper has always been my first love.

One week's worth of card making.

Where do I find the time?  I don't find it.  I make it!  I don't watch TV.  Hubby and I don't have kids.  And to be frank, I'll pick card making over housekeeping any day.  Making cards allows me the luxury of escape and the ability to unwind from the everyday craziness of my day job.  I dive into a pile of paper and embellishments for a daily swim.  Yes, I said daily.  It's a rare day if I don't make at least one card.

Adding panels to the inside and labels to the back of each card.

This is not a cheap hobby.  I've recently started affiliate marketing.  What does this mean for the readers?  This means that if you use one of the links to make a purchase I receive a small commission off of the sale at no cost to you.  I share links to things I use and love.  If I don't love it, I'm not going to be sharing it.

What do I do with all the cards?  I send them to friends and family.  I sell a some of them.  I participate in card drives for various causes.  Last but not least, I give them away.  My goal this year is to send more of the cards I make.  So far I'm making that happen, here's to keeping that going for 11 more months.

Preparing Happy Mail to send out.

Making and sending handmade cards is very therapeutic for me.  What do you to escape the everyday stress of life?

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