20 August 2019

Send The Thank You

Do you send thank-you notes?  Or are they more of an “I’ll get to that later” kind of thing.  Stop sitting on the most important note you could be writing and just send the thank you.

Think about this.  You send a gift for a baby shower or a wedding or even graduation and you never receive a thank you note in return.  As the gift sender, how do you ever know that they got the gift?

You don’t want to have an awkward conversation about it in the middle of the grocery store one afternoon.  It’s a bit tacky to have to ask if they got the gift you sent.

As the gift receiver, you surely don’t want that awkward conversation, especially if it was a gift that wasn’t in your taste.  The sender doesn’t need to know you hated it or that you exchanged it, they just need to know that you got it.  By sending the thank you you can easily overt all of these less than pleasant encounters.

Those of us that go above and beyond to do special things for the loved ones in our lives feel pretty damn disappointed when we aren’t thanked for the kind gesture we put out there.

I’m not talking about an excessive amount of thank you cards flying out of your card box.  I’m talking about sending the thank you card for the kind gifts and the big things that people do for you.  Return the kindness by letting them know you got the gift and that you appreciate their kindness and them thinking about you.

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