13 August 2019

Sending Happy Mail Could Reduce Stress

I get a lot of joy from sending happy mail to friends, family, loved ones, and even strangers (you'll want to read the Card Shower post to learn about sending strangers happy mail).  I'm currently building it into my weekly intentions to add another healthy habit to my routine.

The following quote is from the article Letter Writing to Calm Your Mind and Share Your Heart on  nabilak.com  - "Experts say that pouring your thoughts out on a piece of paper is another way to embrace tranquility and maintain peace of mind."  This same article states that by picking up a pen and writing a note, no matter what length, to someone you care about can lift your spirit in ways you may have never considered.  Now, who doesn't want their spirit lifted?

I'm the first to admit the number one reason I send happy mail is because I'm selfish.  I like the way writing that letter and dropping it in the mail makes me feel.  I do it for personal satisfaction.  That personal satisfaction leads to a lighter mood and lessens the stress from the daily grind.  If you start by making the action about you and focus on the joy it brings you, you may feel less stressed and just might smile a little more.

I love this article that Occasionette wrote in 2018, Writing Holiday Cards as Self Care.  Sending cards really shouldn't be just one more to-do thing that we're checking off our to-do lists.  Writing personal notes should bring joy as you write.  It shouldn't be something that causes extra stress in our lives.  To avoid adding stress to what should be an enjoyable thing, don't put any expectations on what happens after you send the letter, and never expect something in return.  If a card or letter is returned that's a bonus, not a requirement or a reason for a letdown from sending yours.

The Five Reasons You Need to Start Writing Letters Today on forbes.com stated that "having a pen pal and writing more can help ease anxiety, loneliness and even relieve stress."  While writing a letter may not be a replacement for face-to-face contact it has shown elements of deeper connection. "Some studies have shown boosts to mood and reductions in stress from expressive writing."

There is value in writing and sending happy mail.  For more on the value of sending cards check out my post The Value of Cards & Sending Them.

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