10 February 2021

Cards from my Cast-off Basket

Monday, I created eight cards by using some bits out of my basket of cast-offs.  I must confess this idea was inspired by watching one of the many Tim Holtz Demo Videos on YouTube.  In the Sizzix Shaping Kit Demo video, he talked about how we should go in the studio and make bits and elements and then make cards from the parts later.  Tim shared how when he used to sit down and just focus on making one card at a time his cards were, well as he put it lazy.  He also talked about how when he was focused on single card production he often wasn't using all his things in his studio to their full potential.  By trying this method of creation, I ended my day with eight cards.  All from things that I cut for other cards, but never used for various reasons. I even found a stitched tag that was never finished.

The nitty-gritty of how I went about making parts and then cards all starts with my basket of cast-offs.  I keep a small white plastic basket tucked under my die cutting counter.  I toss all the bits I don't end up using, on a current project, into this basket.  These bits could be die cuts I audition on a card and don't end up using.  They could be pieces that are created when I cut windows into cards, leading to a number of hearts, circles, and squares.  Sometimes it's a stitched tag that doesn't make it to a finished card or a hand colored element.  

I dumped out my basked and sorted the bits into piles of similarity.  I also pulled down my other die-cut bin and dug out one of my embellishment boxes.  Trying to break out of my usual card making rut, I focused only on making elements that could then be used on cards later.  The plan was to do a glue-and-go type of creation, with minimal stamping.  

When I started this creative journey there was no intention of creating cards.  However, this fun creative exercise made it simple to complete cards at the end of my creative day.  I still have a full basket, and will revisit this technique again soon.  

This ended up being a serious aha moment for me!!!  On days where I don't feel creative enough to make the cards I need to focus on making the bits.  Translation... make backgrounds, cute dies, glue parts together for later.  Use the parts to create the whole.  Most of all, start using the things in my studio to their full potential.  

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