13 June 2021

Meet the Maker - The Questions

Let's pull back the curtain and address some of the most frequently asked questions, or in some cases offhanded comments. Everyone is always curious about where I find time to create so many cards, especially while working, running a household, and still finding time for friends and family. It's no secret that I make a crazy amount of cards, but maybe it seems a little secretive about my creative habits and routine.
The most frequently asked question I get is - Where do I find the time? The short answer is - I don't find it, I make it! I don't watch TV. We don't have children. And to be frank, I'll pick card-making over housekeeping any day. Making cards allows me the luxury of escape and the ability to unwind from the everyday craziness. Making and creating is a stress release for me. I dive into a pile of paper and embellishments for a daily swim. Yes, I said daily. It's a rare day if I don't create anything or work on Inked Inspirations in some way.

What about the cost of this hobby/side hustle? Well, it isn't cheap, but show me a hobby that is. I don't spend too much time thinking about the amount of money that's been spent on materials and supplies in my studio. I'll also point out that I've been creating for over two decades and have been adding to my supplies, tools, and materials over the course of that time. If I'm quite honest, I don't answer this question. I don't ask you about the cost of running your business, it's rude to ask me about mine.

What do you do with all of the cards? I don't get this question as often now that I sell "publicly", but before I started selling cards this was probably the second most asked question. Amazingly enough, while a lot of what I make goes onto my website or my two consignment locations, though I still use my cards the same way I did before I started selling. I send them to friends and family, I participate in card drives for various causes and I give them away. It's not hard to find homes for handmade cards.

Why do you make cards? Here's the thing about why I create, it helps me manage and relieve stress and it's a bit of a passion. I've always been creative and cards are a small canvas so to speak. Small canvas space equates to ease of completion. I don't have the attention span to complete projects that take weeks, months, or years. Part of the reward for me is the completion of a project. Making, selling, and sending handmade cards is very therapeutic for me. What do you do to escape the everyday stress of life?

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