10 June 2021

Why did I Choose Photography Cards?

What made me create a new line of cards around my photography? It seems a big shift from my more artistic cards, but honestly, it's not that far of a shift. It's all in the eye, literally. I was asked a few years ago for recommendations on starting a photography hobby/side hustle. Honestly, my biggest recommendation is not about the gear, you can learn to use any camera if you have a passion and an eye for it. My advice is to find your artistic eye and use it. I won't lie not everyone has an eye. Can you learn to be a photographer, absolutely, but I don't believe you'll ever have an eye for it if you don't have the passion.

I was a photographer before I was a card maker. My first camera was a 110 box camera and I took a ton of photos of my dogs and cat. When I was in Junior High my grandma gave me a 35mm point-and-shoot for Christmas and I used that for years. I was a Junior in High School when I got my first 35mm, it was a Mamyia NC1000. I wore it out! I progressed into an APS camera for a short time, which was my first Nikon. I now shoot with a Nikon D3100 and my iPhone 11. Ali Edwards said many years ago, "the best camera is the one you have with you."

So that was a bit of a rabbit trail to get to the answer to the question I asked at the beginning. The idea to use my photography for cards was a bit of a dabbling thing, having made and sold a few. Then the decision to contact the gift shop at Rika's Roadhouse came. I reached out and inquired, then had six months to think about what style of card would be the right fit. I wanted to create a line of cards that would be easy to create quickly in multiples, something that would be uniquely mine, something that would capture the Alaskan feel for tourists. It would also be a way for me to use the tons of photographs I have from living in Alaska for over nine years. If I was completely honest, I was also ready to add something new to the online shop as well.

I love photography and am delighted to bring this new line of cards to the Inked Inspirations brand. I'm sure there will be a few questions about if this will be a transition line, to move away from the handcrafted style of the other cards. The short answer is no, not at this time. At this time it is a stand-alone line of cards. Maybe in the future, I will explore adding prints to my shop, but that's a distant future kind of thing. I want to keep my art affordable and obtainable by anyone.

When we travel, our souvenir is always art, but it's always adorable art and that is a struggle to find. I often purchase small prints or postcards and then frame them when we return home. I wanted this line of photography cards to be something someone could easily pack home, and frame if desired. Cards are small and lightweight, easy to pack, and a great way to send a note from your travels to those back home. I wanted to fill a niche I'm always looking for when I travel.

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