03 June 2021

Past Projects - Love for Lindsay

This was an enormous project of love that I spearheaded in 2017. In June of that year, my friend Lindsay had a freak accident that broke her C5 and C6 vertebrae, leaving her partially paralyzed. She spent a year in the lower 48, going through rehab and being separated from her family and the community that loves her so much.

This project was hatched after I kept seeing updates on her progress that included a reoccurring theme, They kept talking about not knowing how to begin to thank everyone who's shared support, love, and prayers during her journey. I couldn't' help but think - "I can help with that" and so began the Love for Lindsay Project.

This project was intended to be a thank you card campaign to get her a bunch of thank you cards to start being able to thank those supporting her, but it became so much more. It blossomed into something so much more than the 140 thank you cards we made for Lindsay to send out.

I created a dropbox for the community to drop cards into, that was stationed at our local library for nearly a year while Linday was in rehab. We hosted a Make a Card for Lindsay event at the Library, where the community could come make a card, fill out a message, and drop it into the Love for Lindsay box.

We also had a basket by the box where community members could stop by the library, snag a free card, write Linday a note and drop it in the box at their convenience. The free cards were provided by the local card-making community to keep the love flowing to Lindsay. Every time the dropbox was full we'd send a package to the rehab center where Lindsay was in the lower 48.

As for the thank you cards, I knew I would need help. I had a goal to make 100 cards, and I knew I would suffer from burnout if I tried to do it alone. I asked a couple of my crafting pals to help and told them to keep it a secret between us. When a roll of stamps was donated that really sealed the deal on the number of cards we needed to make. One roll of stamps = 100 cards. We surpassed our goal and made 140 cards! These cards were made in two states, by three-card makers and we couldn't be prouder of how this project ended.

You can view all of the cards by visiting the Love for Lindsay Thank You Card Project Album.

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