06 June 2021

Meet the Maker - What's Your Superpower?

What's your superpower? Mine? I make cards. Food and cards are my love language and they're how I show the people in my life that I love them.

When someone we care about is tossed a big storm in life we generally step in and offer something to let them know we care and that we're there for them. Some take food to the family, others send flowers and notes of love, but I usually make cards. Thank You cards to be more specific. When something unexpected happens in someone's life and the world rushes in to help, there are always thank yous to send after the storm recedes. I create those cards and give them with love, often with the postage to mail them.

When I need to make a lot of cards in a short amount of time I always turn to ink blending. I cut a few masks from full stick post-it notes using some dies. The masking creates a simple way to spotlight the stamped sentiment. Using white cardstock for the panels and a variety of stencils makes the ink blended colors pop. This is generally as close to one-layer cards as I get. Each panel is cut with one of my favorite rectangle dies and sometimes there's a small die-cut added for a little bit of embellishment.

Once the cards are completed they are packaged up, usually in a gift bag with the stamps, and handed off. I don't expect anything in return, not even a thank you note. I find genuine joy in sharing my handmade cards this way. I also find it heartwarming that I can touch someone so deeply with something so simple

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