24 March 2022

The Thing About Trees

Trees are kind of fascinating. They're forever changing and evolving. Every Spring they put energy into new leaves. Through the summer they are beautiful and green, proved shade, and make music in the breeze. They evolve into bright vibrant colors of yellows, oranges, and reds in the fall before dying back and going dormant in the winter. All of this, only to start all over in the spring. Isn't that a bit of magic?

I'm honestly not sure what the lure is for me to draw trees, but they're my favorite thing to draw. I've talked about my obsession with trees before. I feel called to draw them. I've drawn many trees in all shapes and sizes, and one of my trees is tattooed on a sweet soul's arm. You can read about that in my post Art, Not Tattoos.

If I say the trees talk to me does that make me sound weird? There's really something about adding the black silhouette of a tree onto a beautiful inky or watercolored background. I enjoy getting lost in the magic of creating each unique tree and watching it come to life.

Trees symbolize so many things - life, growth, strength, goodwill, and many other things through lore, legends, culture, and literature. The tree of knowledge. The tree of life. We often plant trees in remembrance of someone's life. The tree is even used in genealogy to represent all the branches of a family. Trees ground us and give us roots, they connect us with nature. Trees really are magical, don't you think?

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