29 March 2022

Heart to Art Part 2 - We're Here

In my last post, I left off by telling you that I feel like I'm wrestling a two-headed dragon. If you haven't read part one, I'd encourage you to read this first.

Over the last year, I've found the card-making world to be a bit stagnating when it comes to inspiration and sparking my creativity. Authenticity, or shall I say the lack thereof, has stirred up a lot of "what if?" thoughts. I've found over the past year I'm less and less interested in what the paper crafting industry has to offer me as a maker. There are of course a few exceptions, but overall, it's a bit flooded with what I would call "copy the mold" syndrome. That is not to say there aren't great products on the market and there aren't great makers making the things that make their hearts sing, it's just not making my heart sing anymore.

This is more about me and about my desire to be more authentic and original. I've outgrown the industry I've so dearly loved for over 20 years. Yet I'm terrified to move out of the comfort zone I'm so well nested in. I know that the magic happens outside of our comfort zones, but it's not easy to get yourself to go there.

If you've been following me on Instagram you've probably seen the tug of war I've been having with myself over the last year. Summer of 2021 I spent a bit of time falling back in love with my DSLR camera and photography. As of late, there is quite a bit of drawing, sketching, and watercolor in my feed, but not a lot of card making. I will find a way to transition my art into cards, but right now it's about building skills more than any single focus.

The other head of the dragon is the guilt involved in all of the money I've spent on new stamps and dies over the last year, trying to make my heart sing with the purchase of new products. The new product was fun to shop for but always seems to be a letdown when it arrives. It's not the products...it's me. It's time to grow and walk the next leg of the journey. I also need to work on giving myself permission to be okay with letting go of so many new or barely used things. I know that some of it will stay, as I will transition it into my new journey. I won't lie this is hard. It's hard admitting that you're ready for growth and change, yet scared all at the same time.
"There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky, And you ask "What if I fall?" Oh but my darling, What if you fly?" - Erin Hanson
The above quote seems fitting for my current spot on this journey. There is freedom waiting for me of this I am sure, but taking that first step wondering if I'll be stepping off a cliff and hoping my wings develop on the way down.
"Jump off the cliff and learn how to make wings on the way down" - Ray Bradbury
So this is where we'll end today's post, with a bit of a cliffhanger. Pun intended. As hard as it is, I do feel we all should find the thing that makes our hearts sing and grow with it. For the butterfly was once a caterpillar.

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