05 April 2022

Heart to Art Part 3 - What's Next?

This is part three, of the series. If you missed the first two parts, I suggest you go back and read Part 1 & Part 2.

In part one, I talked about why now and shared a bit of the back story. In part two, I shared a bit about my current struggle. I'm sure you still have questions, as do I if I'm frank about things. What's next, might be one of the biggest questions I think we both have. The honest answer is I really don't know. I'm learning this as I start this journey.

Does this mean no more cards? No, at least not right now. Cards are still my preferred "canvas" so to speak. I enjoy their small size and the satisfaction of being able to complete a small "canvas" without weeks of involvement. That said, there will be a slow and gradual evolution in the style and type of cards available.

I will be slowly adding my original artwork to the shop, some pieces are already available and more will be coming. My focus is to continue to work on building my watercolor skills and hone my pen and ink skills. You will see more trees, there are a couple of posts about trees and why I draw them, you can read them here and here.

After that, I'm honestly not sure what's next. It will depend on where this permission I'm granting myself takes me. I admire a number of other artists making the most out of their creativity and I want to do the same. I think that's the short answer to what's next, I want to make the most out of my creativity.

I do hope you'll continue on this journey with me and enjoy the art that comes forward. It's time to open my heart and make the art it's whispering to me about. There is so much more to the art in my heart than trees, watercolor, and cards that I need to create.

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