01 April 2022

6 Tips for a Successful Card Shower

What exactly is a Card Shower?  It's a planned mass mailing to encourage friends and family to send a card to the person the shower is celebrating.

Tips for a Successful Card Shower:

  1. Select the Shower Date - Once you've selected a recipient, determine the date for the cards to arrive.  There is no exact science to this, a few cards will be early and some might be a little late, but the goal is to have a target date for cards to arrive by.
  2. Make a List of Participants -  Who are you inviting to send a card?  Do you have contact info for all of the participants?  
  3. Include All the Details - Participant's name and address, the reason for the shower, and the date the cards should be received.
  4. Send Shower Details to Participants - Shower details can be sent in a variety of ways - mailed postcards, sending an email, group text, or maybe as a post on social media.
  5. Be Clear on Expectations - Communicate with the participants letting them know the expectations of the card shower.  If this is a little more than a card shower be clear in the details.  Does a  gift need to be included for something like a baby shower or a bridal shower?
  6. Don't Spoil the Surprise - If the card shower is being done as a surprise to the recipient make that clear in the details being sent to the shower participants.

Card Showers really can be done for anything:  

  • Baby Shower
  • Bridal Shower
  • Milestone Birthday
  • Encouragement 
  • New Home Purchase
  • Volunteer Recognition
  • Retirement
  • Completion of a Milestone
  • Engagement 
  • Graduation
  • Wedding or Anniversary
  • Away at College
  • In the Military
  • Moved Across Country

Of course, I'm going to encourage you to send a handmade card, but it really doesn't matter where the card comes from.  Send the happy mail and make someone's day by organizing a card shower for them.  

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